About Us

 When she’s not taking care of her family, including her husband when he’s at work and her two young boys when at school, you will find Regina Smith creating personalized jewelry with a marked contrast – a quiet stillness and precision reserved for her home studio.

 With a steady hand she takes her metal lettered shank, hammering metal on metal to reveal your made-to-order messages on sterling silver and gold filled pendants.

 Observing the world around her and finding phrases and messages to translate to her unique pieces, jeweler Regina Smith creates messages of love, new life, risk and adventure.

 Jewelry by R.M.Smith offers personalized necklaces, bracelets and keychains created for weddings, new arrivals, military deployment and much more. Other popular pieces capture and celebrate a love of God – carrying inspiring verse and scripture with the Christian cross or Jewish Star of David. Regina Smith’s faith in God also plays a big role in her popular Christian jewelry pieces.

 Regina Smith’s work is simple, delicate – and it’s your. Her one-of-kind pieces are made just for you and your family to hold and treasure a moment in time.




Jewelry by R.M.Smith was founded in January 2011 and is still going strong today. Jewelry by R.M.Smith is owned by Regina Smith. Jewelry by R.M.Smith is a person shop working from a home studio in Sounthern California.