Personalized Bridemaids Gold Necklace Gift Set with Stone
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Personalized gold necklace with birthstone will be hand stamped with your choice name or word. Makes a great personalized gift for all your bridesmaids to let them know how special they are and how thankful you are for them for making your special day so special.

You can personalized them with different options like - A name with a design stamp on top, just name, or even maybe instead of thier using a word that discribes them to you like loving, caring, loyal and so on.

This necklace is a petite 1/2inch gold filled round disc, a pearl or color stone, and a 16in or 18in gold gilled cable chain.

For the stone, you may chose to use the month the ladies where born, the month of the wedding or maybe a color that you wish to have for the stone. Its your choice.

Also have 14 inch cable chain for child size necklace. Also a 10% discount kicks in on price when ordering a gift set of 4 and more necklaces. This discount is already been taken off the price when you select a 4 or moe gift set.

When checking out please let me know
1- what initial to stamp on the disc
2- font to use
3- which month for the stone

I personally hand stamped all of my items by hand, so each item will be unique and truly custom made for you. Please expect some variations in color and alignment but note that this just adds to the charm of the custom piece.

If you have any question about the piece, please contact me anytime for more info.

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Personalized Bridemaids Gold Necklace Gift Set with Stone

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